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human vessel: Sabrina Rodríguez

experimental artist + performer


RAW data to sound conversion using databending processes, experimental sound editing, samples, unusual musical instruments and synthesizers. Avant-garde music from inner space.

Glitch art and databending images.

Filmmaker. Experimental films and video. Digital multimedia.

Actress and ritual performer. Now studying butoh dance.

Ancla 1


 ENDO (SINGLE) - 2019 

Endo is a circular composition, an endorcism, in which twelve subjects cease to exist and become vessels of phantasmagoric archetypes. Their transformations and the resultant consequences on the territory they inhabit are the gears that make these ritual music pieces turn on themselves and build a circle that, ideally, will never close. Project inspired by the experimental novel Endo (Francisco Jota-Pérez, Orciny Press 2019).


1. Endo

RAW data and image to sound conversion using a databending process, experimental sound editing and synthesizers. Music from inner space.

2. Endo (8-bit remix)

Remix made converting the original track to MIDI. 8-bit sound made using GXSCC.

3. Endo (web geological reamix by Kenji Siratori)

this is a case that deals with sound analysis of data flesh obtained through body_encoding with <<Endo>> as <<遠藤>>

:measuring possible confusion of words


 HEX54820 (EP) - 2017 

hex54820 came from the need to transit other territories, from the urgency of becoming a cosmonaut of inner space; floating between the void, the noise, the fluid and the aether, where rational thinking and language make no sense. A sensory journey through a sound landscape in which "as above, so below".


The noise element is produced by transforming raw data to sound through databending processes and experimental audio editing.


Between random and control, hex54820 is a collaboration between technology and human imput, thus turning the final result into a hybrid that is difficult to classify.

Music from outer/inner space.